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I began practicing Bikram Yoga in May 2015. In the year and a half since then, I can honestly say I am a better person both physically and psychologically. Physically, I am thinner having lost about 30 lbs. My body is more toned and developed muscles I never knew existed. My skin is softer and my complexion is brighter. Psychologically, I fight the battles of peri-menopause with a regular practice with the yoga “keeping the crazies away”. My mind is clearer, and I feel calm and relaxed.

Ian and his staff of teachers have helped me tremendously during my yoga journey, providing regular feedback and offering corrections as I was ready for them. Doing the same practice every time allows me to gauge my progress and continually improve my postures so it never becomes boring, just more rewarding. 

Evelyn T., Plainsboro, NJ

Hot Yoga Plainsboro basically changed my life. After years of practicing yoga, on and off, I tried Bikram Yoga and was hooked immediately! All the teachers are awesome, fellow yogis are all friendly and I felt welcomed from day one. Bikram Yoga Plainsboro inspired me to start my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification! 

Ed P., Hightstown, NJ

I hold a great deal of tension in my neck, back and hips, and hot yoga has been a true life changer. For me, Hot Yoga is literally physical therapy for my body. It is very hard work but nothing worth while in life is easy.  I also started taking the Self-Care workshops, and this class is incredible. Everyone always says, "just relax", but they never tell you how. I have a hard time just letting go and actually relaxing. This class teaches you relaxation techniques, offers restorative yoga postures, which doesn't tense up your body, allowing it to release naturally, hands on guidance, aromatherapy and some sound therapy. It's truly a perfect fit with the more intense Hot Yoga classes I take. Yoga not only restores my body to a healthy and physical well-being but also helps me outside of class in many other aspects, such as: focus, patience, endurance and dealing with stressful situations in a more calm, compassionate way.  Combining yoga with a vegan way of life, spirituality and having an open heart, I am able to live a more authentic,  healthy, happy life!  :)   

Wanda P., Cranbury, NJ

If you are looking for a new way to get yourself ready for the upcoming work week, take the Sunday evening Self Care Practice Workshop. The dimmed lighting, essential oils, mini-massages and guided meditation will help you slow down and relax as you listen to the instructions on deep breathing and meditation. The yoga nidra was the perfect way to end the session. I went home feeling calm, but recharged in a positive mindset for Monday, instead of normally dreading it! I would gladly take this workshop again. 

Katie F., Hamilton, NJ

Hot Yoga Plainsboro provides an excellent experience all around. A beautiful facility, great teachers and a great community experience will make you look forward to each session. The studio offers a variety of adjunct sessions to fully complement every student's practice. Additionally, the self-care/relaxation workshop was a wonderful way to unwind, clear the mind, and of course - relax. The leaders of this session attended to every detail to give students a truly special experience. The studio is doing a great job in offering diverse ways to complement one's practice and achieve even better results.

Tim M., Monroe, NJ

Three years ago, suffering from lower back pain, I stepped into HotYoga Plainsboro to give yoga a try one week. This one week trial turned into a month, then a year and now three years and beyond... I have enjoyed the teachers' enthusiasm, patience, love of Yoga and demeanor, especially Ian. They make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. My experience at Hot Yoga Plainsboro not only greatly decreased my lower back pain but also enriched my life. It is not just about regularly working out or doing a few postures, but a journey to discover yourself and the integration of the mind, body and spirit.

Yirong A., Princeton, NJ

Hot Yoga saved my life. Some time ago, I decided to go back into medical training after a hiatus of almost a decade. Imagine being 40-something directly competing with 20-somethings and their factory-fresh parts and endless energy. Six weeks into a 3-year residency program, I was finishing up a late shift in the hospital when I felt an intense pain in my chest and my blood pressure was dangerously high. Many hours and tests later, I was told that I would have to quit the program I had worked slavishly to get into or probably die of a heart attack. Tearfully, I called my husband who said, "Maybe. Or you could go on a strict diet and commit to doing Hot Yoga once week and see where you're at in a month." Years earlier, I'd done Hot Yoga to get into my wedding gown and remembered stories of folks who had cured their diabetes or recovered from supposedly unrecoverable injuries this way. "I know you work 18 to 28 hour shifts and only have four days off a month," he said, "but guess what... instead of hanging at the coffee shop or napping, you are doing Hot Yoga." Challenge accepted. I did what he suggested, and a few years later, I was board certified in Family Medicine. I no longer need Yoga to keep me in shape, but I have found a new reason that propels me to Hot Yoga Plainsboro as much as possible. Every morning when I tune into the internet and am assailed by a thousand new anxieties trying to park themselves in my psyche... I am comforted to know that at least for 90 blissful minutes in a lovely, warm room surrounded by lovely, warm people, I can turn it all off and reconnect to the only thing that really matters. Eternal thanks to Ian and Carrie who make it all possible!

Dr. Kim L., Princeton, NJ

Thank you Ian and Hot Yoga Plainsboro! I am so appreciative of the Bikram practice that your studio has provided me with over the past three years. Not only has it restored my flexibility; it has drastically improved my overall respiratory function, practically eliminating my asthma, allergies and my need for any medication.


From my very first class, Hot Yoga Plainsboro and its associated community, has provided me with a most welcoming, considerate and supportive environment. No special skills are needed to begin or continue, except for a willing heart, an open mind and a little patience. With each class, you learn a little more and advance a little further in your practice. It is not easy, but I have found the benefits to be immeasurable. I initially came on a "lark," but I have stayed on because of the "spark!"

Gregg H., Princeton, NJ

Hot Yoga Robbinsville

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