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Bikram Yoga

Tight hips? Sore back? Feeling old? Ever wonder why celebrities like Beyoncé, Jenny Mc Carthy, George Clooney always look  youthful and brimming with vitality and energy? You found your answer. It is consistent, long term Bikram Yoga practice. And you too can reep the benefits of this extraordinary style of yoga.

What can I expect in a Bikram Yoga class?


A Bikram Yoga class will always be the same, no matter where you take it, the room is heated to approximately 105 degrees with 40% humidity, this will warm your body up very quickly and help you loosen up your muscles and increase sweating. All Bikram yoga classes are 90 minutes in duration.

We start and end every class with a breathing exercise, using 100% of your lung's capacity, these exercises increase lung elasticity, tone your abdominal muscles, stimulate your circulation and your brain.  The breathing exercises and the postures are done twice in succession. The first part of the class is done standing up. All of the postures are beginner's level and within normal range of motion. The postures will help you open up your tight joints like your knees, shoulders and hips. You will work on your balance, good posture and physical, mental stamina and endurance. 1 hour into class we transition to the floor series. In the floor series, the postures are geared toward strengthening and increasing the mobility and flexibility of the spine and the muscles in your core. The spine is the sorce of all energy and the center of the human body, therefore a healthy spine equals a healthy life. 

What to Bring: Yoga Mat, Large Towel & Bottle of Water

*We have yoga mats, towels & water available for purchase or rent at the studio

Inferno Hot Pilates


Infeno Hot Pilates is a train­ing sys­tem which com­bines Pilates prin­ci­ples with high inten­sity inter­val train­ing and is per­formed in a room heated to 95 degrees Fahren­heit and 40% humidity. Hot Pilates cre­ates long lean mus­cle mass, burns fat, and increases fit­ness lev­els. It cre­ates a stronger core, improves cir­cu­la­tion, and increases flex­i­bil­ity. It is per­formed on a yoga mat mak­ing it zero impact, pro­tect­ing your joints and mus­cles from the pound­ing of other exer­cises like run­ning and jumping. 

What to bring: Yoga Mat, Towel, Bottle of Water



Welcome to Yoga ShapeShifting Everyone!

The Original Life Changing Transformational Practice Created by Mary Jarvis

This Series Supports and Supplements any Hatha Yoga Practice or Fitness Routine of your choice.

Particular Yoga Postures and Body Skills make up this Yoga ShapeShifting Series.

This Practice is for EVERYBODY!! It is an incredible series and can be practiced ANYWHERE

(Outside, Inside, on the Beach, in the Grass, etc!)

It was developed by Mary Jarvis, a devoted Bikram Yoga Practitioner of 40 years, in the early 1990's to get her out of pain and help her become whole again after spine injuries caused by a debilitating car accident.

These specific Body Skills practiced in this exact order will help bring you increased Strength, Flexibility and Stamina.

Your Body Posture will change.

The very constitution of “Your Total Body Fitness and Wellness” will change.

Your entire body will transform! Your heart will soften… You mind will expand…

How great is that?!!

It will absolutely positively help you improve your “Basic Body Skills” in every yoga practice or sport fitness that you also enjoy in your life.

You will like the way you Look- Feel- Be- Move in Your Life …. All of Your LIFE!

FROM Mary……” There are SO MANY of your yoga teachers, yoga champions, yoga competition coaches and yoga students that have been benefiting from this system all these years...”

“Now I share this Transformational System I developed for myself many years ago with the Public. “

“I invite you to join the fun... “

Become a part of This Incredible Rapidly Growing Yoga ShapeShifting Community!

Change your Body and Change your LIFE!

Bottom Line……………..

“Yoga ShapeShifting is the most clever, magical and original idea I have ever come up with….” Mary Jarvis


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