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Carrie Zwick

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Madeline Plucinska

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Our Teachers

Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson

Growing up, Ian played competitive baseball and developed severe shoulder and lower back pain after many years of playing. His mom suggested yoga to help relieve some of his pain and tightness. At the recommendation of his mother, Ian decided to try Bikram Yoga. During his first class, he could barely touch his toes and every posture felt uncomfortable. Over time, with continued practice, Ian's body opened up and his back pain disappeared. After practicing Bikram Yoga for seven years, Ian wanted to share the benefits of hot yoga with others and completed the Fall 2013 Teacher Training at the Bikram Yoga College of India.


   Ian loves sports and has helped many athletes open their bodies, heal injuries and meditate. Constantly working to improve his own practice and teaching, Ian continues to study with renowned teachers, such as Mary Jarvis, and competes annually in the USA Yoga National Asana Competition.  Ian is currently the 2022 USA Yoga National Champion of the Adult Men's Division ages 18-49 . He has been invited by the Internation Yoga Sport Federation to represent the United States in the Men's Adult Division in December 2022 in Bangalore, India.

In November 2015, Ian purchased Hot Yoga Plainsboro, which closed over the pandemic when the lease ended. In June, 2021, Ian and his wife, Carrie opened Yoga Robbinsville. Ian is a Bikram Yoga teacher, he is a certified ShapeShifting teacher (Mary Jarvis) and he is the coach for the NJ competitive yoga-sport athletes.  

Leo Eisenstein

Leo Eisenstein

Leo started his yoga journey 16 years ago when he accompanied a friend to a Bikram yoga class. At the time, Leo was 408 lbs. Although it was difficult, Leo never felt as rejuvenated and light than after Bikram yoga. With a regular practice and improved eating habits, Leo lost more than 220 lbs. He also healed several hip and shoulder injuries. Passionate about teaching, Leo attended the Fall 2005 Teacher Training. Although Leo wanted to improve his practice, he wanted to become a teacher first - not a yoga athlete. To this day, Leo gives his students the tools and knowledge that will allow them to restore balance to their mind and body both on and off the mat. Since Leo believes yoga facilitates life,  he strives to make everyone's practice in the hot room easier, so life can become a little easier too. 

Dylan Z Headshots_-8.jpg

Dylan Zwick

 Dylan started doing Bikram Yoga at age 21 to enhance his athletic performance and concentration in martial arts and college. He immediately noticed results and committed himself to a regular practice.


 As a teenager, Dylan was diagnosed with ADD. He did not like the way the medications made him feel and was reluctant to take medications that were classified as addictive, even if they would help his academic performance. As time went on, with a regular practice, he became healthier, stronger and more focused and he wanted to help other people feel as good as he did. In fall of 2018, Dylan decided to fulfill his dream of becoming a yoga instructor and attend Bikram Yoga College of India, where he achieved his certification to teach Bikram Yoga. Dylan practices Jiu Jitsu, MMA and is a certified Children's Yoga Instructor. Dylan teaches Inferno Hot Pilates and is a lifeguard.


Carrie Johnson

Carrie started taking yoga classes 2011, after working many years as a nurse and suffering from severe back pain. After a few months of yoga, her back pain significantly decreased, she lost weight and had more energy. She was so happy with the results that she committed herself to a daily practice and decided to help other people with similar problems alleviate pain and build muscle strength and flexibility through yoga. Carrie attended Jimmy Barkan’s 26 & 2 200 hour teacher training in 2019. She also teaches Inferno Hot Pilates and Shapeshifting.

Hot Yoga Robbinsville

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