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Essential Oils

For millennia, human beings from around the world have used essential oils to heal their body and mind; however, modern science is just beginning to research and re-confirm what we have innately known. When many of us experience essential oils, we are instantly enticed because we are experiencing their profound effects on a physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual level. We become "hooked".

The benefits of essential oils numerous. Because essential oils protect plants against various environmental threats, such as insects, fungus and disease, these plant oils can protect us from similar threats. Essential oils are extremely concentrated due to their small molecular structure. One drop of an essential oil contains approximately 40 million-trillion molecules and hundreds of different chemical constituents that act on our internal organs, addressing many illnesses and injuries. We do not realize that by simply diffusing essential oils into the air, we not only realize the physical, mental and emotional benefits of the aroma they release but also kill airborne micro-organisms. Here are five other common benefits of essential oils:


  • Improves quality of sleep and well being

  • Relieves anxiety and depression

  • Boosts immune system functioning 

  • Aids in digestion

  • Promotes healthy hair and skin 

Would you like to learn more about essential oils and explore the wellness potential of these, natural, safe and effective products? Schedule a free wellness consultation with: Carrie at Hot Yoga Plainsboro.   

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